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all-industry expertise

Northern Talent is a collective of ex-industry experts including journalists, creatives, developers, and marketers who are responsible for some of the world's most high-performing teams. We're proud to have worked on some of the UK's most successful multi-channel campaigns.

honest & transparent

Yep, really! An honest and transparent recruiter.  We don't hire recruiters, we hire marketplace, ex-industry experts. Our secret lies in our experience and having worked with (not for!) most of the UK's leading recruitment agencies.

simple, clear, flexible

We're all about being a drama, porky-pie and ego-free zone so you can be safe in the knowledge that you'll never play second fiddle to your competitor because we never work with two accounts the same.

Our Northern Talent Scouts can be found in all corners of the UK not caged up in our swanky Ivory Towers. Aside from being massive dog lovers and fans of the great outdoors, it keeps our overheads super low allowing us to pass these savings on to our clients.

feel-good employers only

We have a blanket ban on working with kn*bheads. Seriously, without this, we'd be sunning it up on our yacht in the Algarve 17 months of the year but the thing is, we actually love our sleep so couldn't start recommending total wankers to our guys because where does that get anyone, really? So, count yourself as a good egg? Get in touch with us here.

northern talent

knowing your business

Coming directly from your world of marketing, business growth and tech, we know that the North of England is a hotbed of talent and we’re here to help make lasting connections between top-tier talent with scaling agencies and businesses throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Our talent is exclusive to us - only working with Northern Talent on the next step in their career.

Creative Office

knowing your budget

We appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to source, onboard and retain the best talent. We also appreciate that working with recruiters can often make the process much worse. From their unscrupulous investors having ‘pick of the litter’ to you receiving the leftovers unless you’re prepared to pay the highest fee. With us - everyone is charged the same.

exclusive talent

We only work with candidates exclusively. Gazumping is a huge issue in the recruitment industry so, if we can help avoid that, we will. All of our candidates go through an in-depth screening process so you know that skillsets and experience on their profile, are the skillsets and experience they will bring to your team.connecting exceptional talent with ambitious businesses.

Northern Talent

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Northern Talent

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