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How to spot top-tier martech talent: Northern Talent's Guide

In the ever-shifting sands of recruitment, sussing out top-notch martech talent is more pivotal than ever. Here at Northern Talent, nestled in the heart of the North East, we don't just nab decent candidates; we unearth the diamonds in the rough. Spotting the difference is a science. Herein, we spill the beans on how to pinpoint the pros who don't just bring stellar technical skills to the table but are also a dab hand at the invaluable soft skills your team is gagging for, too.

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Judge the Confidence and Ability to Make Critical Decisions martech talent

Top talent has this knack for mixing confidence with the nous to make snap, crucial decisions. During the recruitment melee, keep your peepers peeled for how candidates tackle the tough questions. Their comebacks shed light on their prowess in making critical decisions when the heat's on. Confidence, when it's not tipping into cockiness, is a dead giveaway of a candidate who can carry their weight and then some.

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Master Face-to-Face Interviewing

Nothing beats the excitement jingles you get with a face-to-face interview. It's your chance to get the measure of a candidate, beyond what's on paper. This is about gut feel as much as it is about technical tick-boxes. How do they carry themselves? Do they make eye contact? Are they engaging? These subtleties speak volumes about a candidate's fit within your team and company culture.

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Ask Candidates the Right Questions

Asking the run-of-the-mill questions won't cut the mustard. Tailor your questions to tease out the candidate's true colours. How do they approach problem-solving? Can they give an example of thinking outside the box? It's these insights that reveal if a candidate is just good on paper or if they've got the potential to be a game-changer for your team.

Look for the Desire for Knowledge and Learning

In our fast-paced world, the thirst for knowledge and the eagerness to learn are what keep professionals at the top of their game. This hunger is what you want in your new hires. It's not just about what they know now; it's their drive to stay ahead of the curve that counts.

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Size Up the Candidate’s Personality from a Video Interview

In this digital age, video interviews are par for the course. They're a window into the candidate's personality. How do they present themselves on screen? Do they maintain virtual eye contact? Their digital demeanour can be quite telling about how they'll fit into your team, especially in roles that demand digital savviness.

Look for a Demonstrated Trait of Adaptability

The only constant in marketing and tech is change. Candidates who show a proven track record of adaptability are worth their weight in gold. Dig into their past experiences — how have they navigated shifts in their roles or industries? This adaptability is a lighthouse in the stormy seas of our sectors.

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Assess Candidate’s Ability to Explain Complexities in Simple Terms

In a world awash with jargon, the ability to demystify complex concepts is a gift. This skill is especially crucial in client-facing roles or when teamwork across departments is key. Can your candidate make the complicated understandable? This ability is a strong indicator of not just expertise, but of a collaborative and empathetic team player.

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Check How Clear and Specific the Candidate Expresses Their Previous Experience

Vagueness is a red flag. When discussing their experience, a candidate's ability to be clear and specific about their role and achievements speaks volumes. It's the difference between someone who's had genuine impact and someone who's just been along for the ride.

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Get a Feel of the Candidate’s Personality From LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn't just a CV online; it's a goldmine of insights into a candidate's professional persona. How do they interact with their network? What content do they share or comment on? This can give you a peek into their professional interests and how they engage with the wider industry.

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