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Northern Recruitment Agency: Why you should find your next role with us.


northern recruitment agency

Why Northern Talent Stands Out in Your Career Journey

In the North East, the digital marketing and tech industries are not just growing; they're thriving. Amidst this boom, there's a beacon of opportunity for active marketing, digital marketing, and tech talent who are looking for their next big gig or forever home.

Enter Northern Talent, a certified Kind© UK specialist recruitment agency, uniquely positioned to navigate this dynamic landscape. 

Our pledge? To work exclusively with the very best in commercial, digital marketing, and tech talent. And we're not shy about our commitment – a £500 Amazon voucher for candidates ready for a change*, trusting us to guide their next career move exclusively. But why choose Northern Talent? Let's dive in.

Industry Experts Dedicated to Your Success and Your Success alone

northern recruitment agency

Northern Recruitment agency | friendly Experts from Your Industry

Northern Talent isn't just another Northern recruitment agency. We're from industry experts who've walked in your shoes. With a solid foundation in commercial, marketing, comms, PR, and tech, we understand the nuances of your field.

Our team's expertise is not just theoretical; it's practical, built on real-world experience working both client and agency-side. This unique perspective ensures we match our candidates not just with any job, but with the right role that aligns with their skills, aspirations, and values.

Northern Recruitment Agency

Committed to Fair Compensation

We believe in fairness and integrity, which is why we only partner with employers who respect and value their employees. This commitment means advocating for at least the national living wage, because yes, in this day and age, we still encounter briefs offering less than the minimum! Northern Talent stands firm in our resolve to connect you with organisations that not only respect your talent but also compensate it fairly.

This was actually only brought to my attention by the incredible Michelle Jones from the Kind Currency.

UK National Living Wage

Why Northern Talent is Your Best Ally in Career Progression

A Deep Understanding of the Northern Job Market

Our roots are in the North of England and although we serve London, Bristol and Brighton, too, this gives us unparalleled insight into the local job market. We know the best employers – those that offer not just great pay but also meaningful work and growth opportunities. Equally, we're aware of the less desirable ones, ensuring you steer clear of potential career pitfalls. Our mission is to ensure your next career move is not just a step but a leap in the right direction.

Northern Recruitment Agency

Exclusive Benefits for Our Candidates

At Northern Talent, we believe in showing our commitment not just in words but in tangible rewards. The £500 Amazon voucher for candidates willing to let us handle their next move exclusively* is a testament to our confidence in our ability to deliver. We're here to make the recruitment process not just successful, but also as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

northern recruitment agency

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

A Recruitment Agency for Everyone

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our operations. We strive to create an environment where all talents, regardless of gender or background, feel valued and supported. Northern Talent is dedicated to breaking down barriers and opening up opportunities for everyone in the digital marketing and tech industries. We celebrate diversity, knowing that it's the diverse talents and perspectives that drive innovation and success.

Inclusive recruitment agency

Current Trends and Predictions in Recruitment

The digital marketing and tech sectors are evolving rapidly, with new roles emerging as technology advances. Current trends show a growing demand for skills in AI, machine learning, and digital content strategy. Predictions for the future indicate that soft skills, such as adaptability, communication, and leadership, will become increasingly important.

Northern Talent stays ahead of these trends, ensuring our candidates are not just ready for the jobs of today but are primed for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Your Journey with Northern Talent

Choosing Northern Talent means partnering with a recruitment agency that genuinely cares about your career and well-being. Our expertise, commitment to fair compensation, deep understanding of the Northern job market, and dedication to diversity and inclusion make us the ideal ally in your career journey.

Ready to take the next step? Northern Talent is here to guide you to your next great opportunity in the digital marketing and tech industry.

Take a look at the Northern Talent Job Board here.

Northern Talent is not just a recruitment agency; we're your career partners. With our industry knowledge, commitment to fair compensation, and dedication to diversity, we're here to help you navigate the vibrant job market in the North of England. Let's embark on this journey together, unlocking your potential and paving the way to your success.

Interested in having a chat about your next move?

Drop our founder, Kim Walker, an email here.

The fine print:

Receive a £500 Amazon Voucher as a welcome reward when you successfully complete your first three months in your new role having worked with us exclusively on your next position! This exclusive incentive is available for one-time use per candidate. To qualify, your CV must meet Northern Talent's rigorous standards. The decision of our founder is final and binding.

Within 48 hours of submission, you will be informed via email about the status of your application. We will let you know if your CV has been accepted, kept on file for future openings, or if your application does not currently meet the criteria for the roles we're filling. We provide feedback for applications not moving forward to help guide your next steps.

Please be aware that Northern Talent has a policy of not engaging with the same candidate more than once within a 12-month period. This policy is in place to maintain the ethics and integrity of our client relationships. Rest assured, every decision we make is guided by our commitment to respect, ethics, inclusivity, and supportive practices.


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